Postdoc position in palynology in the project TransLands

We are looking for a palaeoenvironmentalist with a track record in pollen, NPP and, if possible, microcharcoal to work alongside Dr Hector A. Orengo (ICAC, Tarragona, Spain) and Dr Ana Ejarque (GEOLAB, CNRS, France) in the project TransLands : Paisajes mediterráneos transportados: un análisis integrado de las dinámicas de ocupación a largo plazo a ambos lados del Mediterráneo.

TransLands focusses on the landscape impact of Greek and Roman colonisation processes in the northern Mediterranean area and conducts fieldwork in several study areas, including Abdera (Thrace, Greece), which will be the main focus of work of the postdoctoral fellow. The postdoctoral position will be held for two years. The candidates have to demonstrate excellent writing and communication skills in English and they must have obtained their PhD within the last 5 years. The chosen candidate will be required to conduct multiproxy palaeoenvironmental analysis on sediment records from coastal wetlands and publish the results within a multidisciplinary research team, which includes palaeoenvironmentalists, geomorphologists, remote sensing experts, and landscape archaeologists.

For more information on the position and how to apply please write to Dr Orengo at:

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